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Tuesday Apr 21, 2020

The next part of Christopher Edge's brilliant book. Jamie meets a mysterious woman in the observatory.

Monday Apr 20, 2020

We get to know more about Jamie's dad's space mission and while he is in space on the International Space Station, we find out more about Jamie's family back on Earth.

Sunday Apr 19, 2020

So, after all the strange going-ons, what will happen to Maisie when she enters the black hole? And when she gets there, will she be able to change the course of her life?

Saturday Apr 18, 2020

We find out what on Earth has been going on in the story. Why is the book called The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day?

Friday Apr 17, 2020

Things start to become clearer. How can one little decision cause so much to happen?

Thursday Apr 16, 2020

Maisie finally escapes the infinite staircase but will things become clearer?

Wednesday Apr 15, 2020

Maisie and Lily walk to the local shop, over the railway bridge, where Maisie is given a birthday surprise...

Tuesday Apr 14, 2020

When Maisie passes through the singularity, she appears somewhere else in her house. Where? And how is this related to a möbius strip?

Monday Apr 13, 2020

Will mum let Maisie go to the shop? Will mum and  dad spot Lily's tattoo? The questions are building...

Friday Apr 10, 2020

Maisie is back in the bathroom in this alternate reality. But there's no Lily there this time...

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